Environmentally Friendly Pest Control
When making decisions as a homeowner regarding pest control, many factors should be considered before choosing a company. At Ant Mart Pest Control we believe in working with nature, not against it.
Our goal is to use a Green Procedure for your home or business that insures a pest-free environment, while remaining in harmony with the natural environment and avoiding the use of toxic products.

Got Ant Problem?
If it feels like they are everywhere, it's only because they are. Almost. Ants can be found below sea level in Death Valley through altitudes of more than 14,000 feet - at almost every latitude. Due to their adaptability and highly advanced sense of teamwork, ant populations today outnumber every other insect population on the planet. San Diego and Southern California are not immune. Throughout the year, we play host to a wide variety of ant species:
   Argentine ants (Iridomyrmex humilis) - Easily identified by the following:
If you see an ant inside your house, it is probably an Argentine. They are small, just a sixteenth of an inch, and vary in color from light to dark brown. The species made its way to the U.S. from South America via coffee ships sometime around 1890. Argentine ants are the most organized and prolific of all the local ant species. They have almost completely displaced the previous local ant dynasty, the Odorous house ants. Argentines are attracted to moisture sources: potted plants, irrigation systems, sinks, and bathrooms. They also enjoy a wide variety of the same foods you eat: honey, syrups, jellies, and they will also seek out meats. Argentine ants do not bite or sting.

    Fire ants (Solenopsis spp.) - Most California Fire ants tend to be found inland and, fortunately, infrequently. California Fire ants are not so prolific - they live in small colonies and do not reproduce with the compulsion of the pesky Argentine ants. A distant cousin, however, the Red Imported Fire ant has recently moved into town. Red Imported Fire ants inflict excruciatingly painful stings. In some public playgrounds and parks have been overrun by these monsters, making it unsafe for children and families to enjoy the outdoors.

    Odorous house ants (Tapinoma sessile) - They are named after the rotten odor they exude when crushed. Odorous house ants grow to be a little larger, on average, than the Argentine ant. But size doesn't matter. The Odorous house ant has been displaced from much of its homeland by the highly organized Argentine ant populations. Odorous house ants do not bite or sting.

Here at Ant Mart pest control, we typically begin an ant service by treating the exterior perimeter with Termidor, a minimally invasive product that is made of fipronil (Fipronil was introduced for commercial use in the U.S., it was praised as a safer insecticide.) Inside we treat all infested areas, primarily using dust formulations that we place inside the wall voids to keep ants from gaining access to the various rooms. We remove outlet and switch-plate covers and employ a special "duster" to place our products inside the walls and into areas that are removed from the general living space - and away from children and pets.
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